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Blockchain Technology vs. Big Banking

With the rise of bitcoin and a large number of cryptocurrencies, the landscape of banking is changing rapidly. This change has not been embraced by many large and respected institutions; including some large banks. But what is it that these institutions, especially banks, have to be concerned with? And what is behind the technology causing some executives to question the security of these transactions, while others tout its superior qualities? The answer is blockchain technology. Blockchain technology grants a cryptographically secure method of sending a multitude of digital assets and complex information, including cryptocurrencies, without the need for trusted third [...]

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Is Ripple A Winner Or A Loser?

The year 2017 will go down in history books as the year that cryptocurrencies took off like a rocket. Volumes increased dramatically as the aggregate cryptocurrency market cap surpassed $100 billion for the first time. Towards the end of the year, mid-December, it crossed the $500 billion threshold, then closed out the year at $615 billion. One of the leaders in the 2017 crypto rally, Ripple (XRP), soared over 36,000 percent, closing at $2.30. It closed at $3.20 on January 4, 2018, its highest ever closing price. Since then, however, Ripple has been on the steady decline and has struggled [...]

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The Dangers of Blockchain Investing

Two weeks ago, the Blockchain Connect Conference was held in San Francisco. During the conference, investors were anxious about the wealth generated by some initial coin offerings (ICOs) they received, which was more than the startups may ever need. At a glance, raising excess money from cryptocurrency enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists for blockchain technology doesn’t sound all that bad. What could go wrong from receiving too much money from investors? Linda Xie, the managing director of the cryptocurrency hedge fund Scalar Capital, expressed her concern when addressing the audience, saying, “It’s great that these ICOs allow thousands of people [...]

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Ethereum – A Functional Alternative to Bitcoin

Steady Competition The cryptocurrency market continues to expand each day. With this growth, new cryptocurrencies seek to overtake the market and dethrone the current king—bitcoin. Some experts have predicted that another platform called Ethereum could quickly become the next big thing in the Cryptocurrency market. What is Ethereum? Ethereum is another crypto platform that also uses blockchain technology. Because of this, Ethereum offers a cryptographically secure method of sending all sorts of digital assets, which in turn allows Ethereum to cut out the tedious process of the banking industry by automating everything from compliance and claims processing to administering the [...]

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Volatility and Regulation – Changes Coming For Crypto

Across the board, market manipulation is a relatively common occurrence, as many people attempt to interfere with the operations of a fair market by creating false or misleading presentations of a price, product, or even currency— and cryptocurrency has been no exception. NEM, which is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and blockchain platform, has followed a similar trajectory, with the president stating that market manipulation has always been inevitable. Even so, Lon Wong, the president of NEM, believes that such manipulation will disappear after the cryptocurrency market advances and matures with time. He recently told CNBC, “Price manipulation is not something new. [...]

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FOMO – The Fear of Missing Out May Be Driving Bitcoin Rise

A Steady Climb Although Bitcoin plummeted below $6,000 on February 5, the famous cryptocurrency has climbed 8 percent and risen to $10,200 on Coinbase, the most used marketplace for buying major cryptocurrencies in the United States. Bitcoin hasn’t been the only cryptocurrency to see increases in pricing as of late. In mid-February, Ethereum hiked to $935.78, Ripple rose to $1.15, Bitcoin Cash went up to $1,383.23, and Litecoin surged to $221.86. Many have attributed Litecoin’s boost to LitePay, a new payments processor that is expected to roll out at the end of this month. Tom Lee, an advisor for Fundstrat [...]

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Four reasons Why Cryptocurrencies are Still Great Investments

For some, the ship has sailed on investing in cryptocurrencies. Perhaps the investor thinks that Bitcoin is just too expensive or that he or she is simply too late to the game for cryptocurrency to be a wise investment. Sure, investing in Bitcoin a few years ago would have been phenomenal and life-changing, but some are left wondering: are cryptocurrencies still a great investment now? In short, they are. Here are four reasons why cryptocurrencies are still great investments: 1. Blockchain Improvements      Currently, credit cards involve thousands of transactions per second. However, Bitcoin cannot handle more than six to seven [...]

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Basic Primer: Blockchain Consensus Protocol

Basic Primer: Blockchain Consensus Protocol guide. A blockchain is a decentralized peer-to-peer system with no central authority figure. While this creates a system that is devoid of corruption from a single source, it still creates a major problem. How are any decisions made? How does anything get done? By Ameer Rosic Read More

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What is Ethereum Casper Protocol? Crash Course

If you are interested in Ethereum or Cryptocurrency in general, then you must be aware of the terms proof-of-stake and Ethereum Casper. There is no running away from these terms, they are everywhere. Now because there is so much data out there, anyone interested in the topic may go through “paralysis via analysis”. So, in this guide, we present to you the definitive guide to Casper and how it will change Ethereum forever. By Ameer Rosic Read More

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First impressions of Ethereum’s Casper — Proof of Stake (PoS)

First impressions of Ethereum’s Casper — Proof of Stake (PoS) Vitalik Buterin and Virgil Griffith have introduced a proof of stake-based finality system capable of overlaying an existing proof of work (PoW) blockchain. In their paper [1], entitled Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget, Buterin and Griffith explain that the first version of Casper (within Ethereum) could take on the form of a hybrid PoW/PoS system. The first available release of the alpha Casper Friendly Finality Gadget (FFG) testnet, built on pyethereum, achieves this. By Timothy McCallum Read More

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