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International Blockchain Investments (IBI) provides value-added strategic capital to capable teams, businesses and technologies disrupting existing industries using Blockchain technology. We adhere to a core, long term transformational venture capital investment approach, while strategically capitalizing on investment opportunities provided by liquid cryptocurrency markets.

IBI combines proprietary quantitative and qualitative techniques used and developed by principals in over a decade of professional fund management and tailored for the burgeoning blockchain universe. The IBI team combines traditional hedge fund and venture capital experience with deep blockchain and cryptocurrency expertise.

We take special care to abide by existing regulations and intend to help shape the ever-changing regulatory framework. It is our objective to protect our investors from the abundance of risk inherent in blockchain claims and cryptocurrency markets, while navigating the best investment opportunities to transform global industry with blockchain technology. Our principals have past experience operating US State and Federal regulated entities, including oversight by State Securities Divisions, the SEC and CFTC.

Professional investment expertise in various security types, assets, investment vehicles and structures.

IBI and affiliates have Crypto and Blockchain experts working in over 30 locations across the globe focused on quality businesses, technology and management teams in Financial Technology.

IBC Group (Affiliate) is among the largest and most respected firms in ICOs, Blockchain and Crypto related business services.

CIO with over a decade managing award winning Alternative Investment Firms, (including Fintech focused) (VC, PE & HF) for institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals.

Enquire about investing with the International Blockchain Investments (IBI) Venture Fund. You will receive unique access to pre-ICOs and private equity investments.


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